JVD Exp'Air Hand Dryer Black

Elegant black, ergonomic and compact.

High-speed, 10-15 s hand dryer.

Hygienic, cost-and energy-efficient.

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Material(s)Aluminium cover metallic black epoxy tamperproof IK 10
Electrical Specifications230 V • 50/60 Hz
Motor typeBrush Motor
Noise level78 dB
Motor watts800
IsolationClass II
Warranty3 years
Air velocity600 km/h
Heating elementNo
DimensionsH 430 mm x W 343 mm x D 237 mm
Packaged dimensionsH 530 mm x W 355 mm x D 250 mm

The vandal resistant, high-speed Exp'Air (black) hand dryer  is well known for its ergonomics and compact and innovative design. This high speed hand drier is now even more energy efficient (800W) and hygienic.

Effective, the dry-time is 10 to 15 seconds with a design that avoids water splash. The expelled water is collected in a tank so as to not drip on the floor.

Ergonomic, the front side and inclined presentation of the blowing zone makes it suitable for various users, particularly helpful for children and disabled.

Economical and ecological, energy consumption is reduced thanks to the short dry-time, and reduced 800 Watt power consumption.  This is achieved by having no heat.  While the dryer is not hot, it is not cold either due to the speed of the air.

Operating costs are about 0.03 0.05 € for 100 dries.

Hygienic, this hand drier is easy to clean and features an antibacterial coating and a filter for maximum hygiene.  

Robust, a cast aluminum cover and other features make the dryer vandal resistant. 

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JVD Expair advantages

The Exp'Air hand dryer is an environmentally friendly solution, suitable in all public restrooms.  This high-tech hand dryer has won awards in France for innovation and adds a modern flair to any commercial restroom.  

Please see the Exp'Air demonstration video below.

Eco conception Made in france



  • Dry time: 10-15 seconds
  • Noise level: 78 dB
  • Suitable for use by the physically disabled and children
  • Antibacterial surface treatment and air filter available for an easy cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • Blue light located on the drying zone


  • Power: 800 W, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Air speed: 600 km/h
  • Patented circular air blowing system
  • Aluminium cover / black epoxy / tamper-proof
  • Antibacterial air filter available for an easy cleaning
  • Water collector: easy to clean and 0,6 l water tank capacity
  • No heater
  • Electrical insulation class II • IP24
  • Eco recycling: 0,30 e UNHT


  • Height 430 mm, width 343 mm, depth 237 mm
  • Packed: H 530 mm x W 355 mm x D 250 mm
  • Net weight 6,94 kg, gross weight 7,82 kg
  • Model number: 8111376

 Warranty: 3 years

Made in France

Installation and user guide

JVD ExpAir Installation and user guide

Download (1.33M)

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