Jet Towel Hand Dryer White

The latest original Jet Towel Slim hand dryer!

Energy-saving, adjustable and quiet operation.

Available in 3 colors, white, silver and black.

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Jet Towel Hand Dryer White

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Drying time10 - 15 s
ActivationAutomatic / hands-free sensor
Material(s)ABS Polycarbonate
Electrical SpecificationsWatts: 550 - 1240, adjustable, Volts: 240 Hertz: 50
Motor typeBrushless DC
Noise level60 dB to 70 dB
Warranty3 years limited
Air velocity96 - 105 m/s, adjustable
Heating elementOn / Off
Product CertificationsNSF
Dimensions670 mm W x 300 mm H x 219 mm D
Packaged dimensions840 mm W x 410 mm H x 280 mm D
Net weight11 kgs
Packaged weight15 kgs
Unit code288260
Unit barcode (EAN)4902901787300

The Jet Towel Slim from Mitsubishi is the 9th generation of the first high speed hand dryer created in 1993 by the Japanese company.

This latest white Jet Towel has the same nice features as the original one (adjustable airspeeds, heater on-off option, convenient water collection tray...), but now with a faster drying time, quieter operation, and improved accessibility. Over 25 years of experience have led to improve many performances of the dryer. 

  • High-speed: 10-15 s (10 s by heater on and high-speed settings)
  • Energy saving 550 W (by heater off and standard speed settings)
  • Low noise 60 dB (standard speed settings). The patented wave nozzle has been further improved.

Choose between 2 speed modes and the heater on or off to adjust the drying time, level of noise and energy consumption.

For example, on high speed mode with heater on, hands will be dried in 10 s at a level noise of 70 dB with 1240 W energy consumption. On standard mode with heater off, hands will be dried in 15 s at a level noise of 60 dB with 550 W energy consumption.  

  • Hygienic: antibacterial surfaces, no-touch design, optional antibacterial filter (please contact us if you are interested).
  • Comfortable to use: large dry area and alternate sensors placed inside of the drying area to detect small children's hands or adult in wheelchairs hands entering from the sides.
  • Easy maintenance with accessible drain tank.
  • Very energy-efficient with smart nozzle design that also provides an optimum balance between air flow rate and air volume, further enhancing hand drying's efficiency.
  • Long lasting reliability: 3600 hours motor life - 7 years at 400 uses per day.
  • Stronger front and back panels for greater impact resistance.

Large drying area             Jet Towel Mitsubishi

With its slim design the Jet Towel Slim matches well with most sink styles. The overall unit size was taken into consideration as well, ensuring that the top of the unit can be neatly aligned with the top of the sink basin. The Jet Tower Slim hand dryer is suitable with every restroom and will enhance the customer experience.



  • Dry time: 10-15 seconds, adjustable
  • Noise level adjustable: 60 dB to 70 dB
  • Easy maintenance


  • ABS polycarbonate cover, white
  • Power output adjustable: from only 550 watts to 1240 W
  • Alimentation: • 240 V • 50 Hz
  • Heater: on/off
  • Motor: adjustable. 2 positions: High and Standard
  • Air speed: 96 - 105 m/s, adjustable
  • Activation: automatic sensor
  • Antibacterial surfaces
  • NSF certification, IPX4
  • Drain tank: 0.8 L


  • Height 670 mm, width 300 mm, depth 219 mm
  • Net weight 11 kg, gross weight  15 kg

Warranty: 3 Years limited

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