HEPA Filter V - Replacement for Dyson Airblade V HU02 and AB12 Hand Dryer

Replacement part - HEPA Filter for the Dyson Airblade V AB12-AB08 and HU02 hand dryer.

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Replacement part - HEPA Filter for the Dyson Airblade V AB12 and HU02 hand dryers.

The filter model number is AB-965280-01. Set of 2 (Two are used in one V hand dryer when changed.)

To note: two filters come with the initial Airblade and additional filters are only needed as a replacement.

This HEPA filter is a genuine replacement part from the manufacturer - Dyson. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Make sure you are purchasing an authentic Dyson replacement filter.

How to replace the Dyson Airblade HEPA filter:

First use the tamper proof wrench to open the cover. You will note that the dryer comes off the wall with the cover. Thre are two filters, a left and a right. Unclip the used filters one at a time and clip the new ones in their place. Close the cover. That will be it!

Dyson recommends changing the filter about every year or so, but depending on the environment, they can last up to two years (or less if you have a lot of airborn dust or particulate matter). As a rule, when you notice that the dryer is not delivering as much air, it's time for the filters to be changed.


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