Oriental Flower Strips - 15 Pack

Spicy floral fragrance strips. Pack of 15. To be used with the Air freshener Gold Fresh holder.

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15 fragrance strips with a spicy floral fragrance, Air freshener holder Not Included.

The Dreumex Oriental Flower Strips are to be used in combination with the Air freshener Gold Fresh holder, also sold on this site.

The impregnated fragrance strips are also available in the scent Pacific Blue.

These fragrance strips placed in the air freshener have been especially developed to spread a very pleasant smell for up to two months. Depending on the area and the desired strength of the smell, the air freshener can be filled with one, two or three fragrance strips. Replacing the scent strips is easy and quick.

For use in restrooms, corridors, offices, washrooms and hallways.

  • 15 strips, colourless, spicy floral
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 100 x 65 x 140 mm
  • Dispenses a fresh fragrance for up to two months
  • Simple to add or replace
  • Convenient to use, individually packaged
  • Variable fragrance strenght by placing one, two or three strips
  • Environmental friendly: Used fragranced strips = paper waste.


    • Produced under ISO 9001 procedures


    Instructions for use
    Insert the required number of refill strips into the air freshener. If you inserted more than one strip, replace one refill strip every month to maintain a consistant strength of perfume fragrance.

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