Omnicare Foam Soap - 6 Pack

Concentrated foam soap. Case of 6. Uses only 0.2 ml of soap per hand wash.

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Case of 6 cartridges of Omnicare Foam Soap.


Omnicare Foam Soap is part of Dreumex Omnicare, an unique dispensing system for hand hygiene which consists of unique cartridges and a touch-free dispenser, for ultimate efficiency.

This Foam Soap is to be used with the touch-free Dreumex Omnicare foam soap dispenser also sold on this site.

The Foam Soap utilizes Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology and is highly concentrated. During dispensing, the soap converts into a rich, firm foam with high cleansing action.

It uses only 0.2 mL of product per hand wash for optimum hand cleansing.

The sustainable cartridge of Foam Soap also empties completely and is fully recyclable.

Dreumex Omnicare Foam Soap is perfect for general hand cleansing needs in public restrooms or other areas with high to low traffic.


Packaging: Omnicare cartridge 400 mL (13.5 Fl Oz.)
Content: 6 cartridges per case


  • Appearance Foam Soap
  • Bag-on-Valve Instant Foam Technology
  • Highly concentrated : 0.2 ml per hand wash/ 2000 dispensings
  • No product waste
  • Perfumed-free, colorless
  • Skin friendly additives
  • pH-neutral 7
  • Sustainable cartridge


  • Produced under ISO 9001 procedures
  • NSF registered under category E1(148022)


Instructions for use
Apply to dry hands, adding a little water and rub hands together vigorously. Rinse hands and dry thoroughly.

Dreumex Foam Soap leaflet

Dreumex Omnicare Foam Soap leaflet english

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Dreumex Omnicare Foam Soap IDS Safety Data Sheets french

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Dreumex Foam Soap IDS eng

Dreumex Omnicare Foam Soap IDS Safety Data Sheets

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